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Kiss me where it hurts - text


I met a steel town workin' girl
She had the look of all them
Lean, young, built to last, one night girls
I was feeling right at home
I said, baby, take me on...I....I'll show ya
How to rock my world

I got a pain down in my heart
Oh won't ya kiss me where it hurts
Here I go, I'm fallin' apart
Oh won't ya kiss me
Tore a page from my heart
And it's on the ground, Oh yea
Kiss me where it hurts
You took a hammer and nailed my heart
Come on, girl...kiss me right here

Well, we danced the dance all night
I held you close, I swear, girl
It felt just like heaven that night
Women come and women go
And women know how to rake my soul
I need you to need me
Oh, you rock my world

(repeat chorus)

Hangin' out in outer space
Workin' girls they run the place
Ah, I'm on my way

It took a mean town workin' girl
To shake me off of all them
Lean, young, built to last one night girls
I don't know what you've been told
Say goodnight or don't go home
You tell me you love me

Text přidala Maribel

Video přidala Maribel

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