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Yea, Yea
Yea, Yea, Yea
Do it one more time, let me feel that closer, got it
Yea, Yea
Yea, Yea, Yea
Yeah, Yeah

[Verse 1]
All these bitches want me cuz I make them do some crazy shit
All these niggas hate me cause they never tried to take a risk
I've been on the ride, man
Always on my side, man
Niggas want me dead, man
Get that through your head, man
Call my phone to tell me that you want advice for pointless shit
I don't give a fuck about your cash and how you're makin' it
Can't you take a sign, man?
I don't got no time, man
Look into my eyes
I see purple in the skies, man
I don't need no problems in my fucking life
So bitch get out my sight
Please get out my sight
I don't need no problems in my fucking life
So bitch get out my...

[Verse 2]
Watch my moves, nigga
You can't choose, nigga
All these people want me gone
Still, I tell you tie my shoes, nigga
You can't choose nigga
Think about it, won't you think about it?
I've been planning all this shit I wanna do to make a switch
Still these niggas want me fucking gone
If you ain't a real kid, put your face to the steak
And still these niggas want me gone
A hundred times I say this
I'm on your fucking playlist
And I don't want to talk about this shit no more, man
So just take your shit and get out my way
Cause, all you niggas want me gone
I know that, you lyin'
I see that, you tryin'
I don't trust, nobody
I say that, I'm sorry
But it's all a fucking lie
Can't you read between the lines
These niggas want me fucking gone, yea

Yeah, I'm alright

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