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Live Television - text


Slake form the pass on the flow
Tell a bitch steady go ahead and break it down low
Thoughts fast movin like they on speed dial
And I tell you that I want to take your clothes off slow
Bad bitch look articulated
Said you comin fast but you never made it
Said move that ass down low
Let me see shit never shown, damn nigga I
Walk past like your last, like to see you movin fast
Take a break up on the grass
Can’t take that shit don’t make it last
Come along with the song take you to a place I help you make a day
No stop, don’t talk, no shit to say
If you be thinkin this the end, you better change that mind again
Fuck naked for a day
Fuckin his bitch and he was far away
Playin around from the bush to the bay
You still makin a round from the lake to the shade
Thinkin you made it that shit that shit scented made
Walkin beside me and feelin the blade
Got a down, ripped jeans Y-3’s on
Bitch you never made shit I could be on
Dumb nigga wanna be on
Live television I’mma make you bleed on
I come suiter than a motherfuckin neon
Fly as fuck like my nigga -
Told a woman never play around with my shit
Break this shit, get throwed, I slit
Black out get throwed in the pit
Act like shit I never did

No time for your shit
No time for your motherfuckin shit, bitch nigga
Back that sack with bones my nigga
Light up, click boom, bang pow my nigga
Come back with them shots my nigga
Say you got them knocks? Mine bigger
12 pass nine I miss the shit
Take pride in my Versace kit
You like flowers when they bloom
Call that new like showers in the noon
Wanna go ham, say I’ll go real soon
Say she wanna get a lamp, see the moon real soon (real soon)
I call it natural, shit I say is factual
Shit you say is miniscule
I drown you in the blood-filled pool

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