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too much to leave, too much to save
i cannot explain what they're meaning to say
its in your blood better wait your turn
its another mean bullet you don't wanna learn
i don't wanna have this moment with you
got nothing better then find a stash or two
even the cops tryin to give me a hard time
ain't gonna lose my cool, i just gotta find a good line

too many seasons in your heart it seems
you look for shells before you fire on the scene
another body on the curb downtown
too scared to smile when the piper comes to town
its hard bein' in motion
hard at being at chase
give me two reasons why i shouldn't give a damn
I don't even know what you're whining about
I give a big middle finger then i turn out the lights now, no

two bucks good, another up short
i can really tell that you want that divorce
another reason to stand, 'nother reason to fall
put the cap away now you give me your all
there's another set of bruises on your back I see
come and tell me what it means to me
there's another chance I had to lose
no one gives me your kind of blues
well the next time you see me, you turn a round
it's a sure good reason why i'll take out my nine now, no

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