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For now you have a tape recorder
You have a device capable of capturing sounds
The sounds around us
With that in mind
It is fair that the tape recorder should be considered
A play thing, a toy to amuse one’s self and one’s friend
At the occasional party
And then to be neglected
In some dark corner along with the fancy hats

When they come into your town
The sun in for the soul generation
Oh God there is a meltdown
There so much we can carry
You take these toys and then they take the rest

You know that when the robi them
They plundered for the best
They bring each house and then far into the city burning
But if you not there I guess you not hard
Then and there you undiscerning
But though they leave you here to rot
And slaughter all over you
The curse that there was no window
What’s dangerous is you

In the middle of this story that is self explanatory
We have earned the category of the fruit
Things may seem a little bit blurry
Do not fret and do not worry
They will clear up in a hurry very soon

Is no cause for any grinning
We begun the second ending
For you now it has just began
Chapter three you are wanted

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