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Miners - text


You taught me how to eat and dress
You gave me most of the things I posess
You taught me the rules and how to pray
You gave me joy but more dismay

Miners, miners in my head
Trying to dig out the coal
The coal you brought there, tons and tons of strain
I’ll get out off my head
That’s my goal

My sins kept piling up like glass
And very soon I stopped counting
But you punished me for every single one
Without explaining what I had done

Miners, miners in my head …

What if I love you
There is no rubber
No rubber to rub you out of my thoughts

The great mine in my mind dilates
The supply of coal still detected
Miners, blast it off, I don’t need it
No black stone weight in my veins

Miners, miners in my head …

Text přidala Rolnicka27

Video přidala Rolnicka27

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