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The Story of Biathlon - text

What is this sport
it's amazing don't you think
with a gun in theit hand
and skis on their feet
I know it sound retarded
but it's true
Let me tell you the story...
of Biathlon
everybody loves Biathlon
it's like cross-country skiing
but with shooting is well...
oh Biathlon
so exciting it's Biathlon
a wonderful sport
and there's guns...

Biathlon is a winer sport
that combines rifle shooting and skiing
invented back in the 1800s
as an army excercise
they used to shoot at balloons
but now they shoot at blacks
yeah the targets are actually black
if you shoot and you miss
you get penalty loops
they store their ammunition in magazines
one of Norway's favourite sports
because we win every weekend
Ole, Emil and the brothers Boe
one of them is always on top
when there's wind you have to
screw few knepps
and even if you're bad
at standplace
if you're quick on the spor
you can still win it...

not "refleskiing" but... Biathlon
just like diving at sea
while at the same time
ironing a shirt...
oh Biathlon
don't know why it's called...
a beautiful sport Donald Trump would support...

Biathlon love...
Biathlon love...
Biathlon love...
Biathlon love...

everybody loves Biathlon
you get two random sports
for the price of one...
oh Biathlon
it's so weird it's called
but it's favourite sports
in the world...

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