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Through the show...
She's natural in her beauty
I guess you could say she's an unapproachable comedienne...
Haven't much faith in her talent
Still she did her work,
No comedienne lives life as a clown...
She did her work,
But her heart was quietly crying
I guess she even felt guilty
'Bout even dying
Poor Mabel Normand
So my friend is continuing
On a destructive road
His life passes before him like an
Unfortunate circumstance
He and his friend are at odds
And he is not winning...
Why does someone always have to win?
He says it matters...
Strange things do follow when you love someone
So you put them in exile
Thought I'd call you Beloved Exile...
He called today
Says, "Don't give up"
I ask him, "What are you talking about?"
I said things are not the same...
Since you've been gone Rome burned down

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24 Karat Gold: Songs From The Vault

Stevie Nicks texty

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