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Keemstar (diss track) - text

If young Pyro don't trust you,
I'm gon shoot you
I'm gon shoot you, yeah

Killer Keemstar, get right into the news
You think you're fucking cool
and you're just swimming in the views
So many YouTube drama
and so many things to choose
You think you're news?
Man, just tie a fucking noose
Drama millionare, your kid is set for life
But I'd gladly sit in jail
if I took your fucking life

Keem you're fat, bingo
Eat a KFC, zinger
But before you pull the Twitter finger
Alex is a fucking nigger
These are your own words and own quotes
Colossal Is Crazy is my fam,
he's got you by the balls
Ha, Keem, Keem, Keem, Keem
You try really hard but you never redeem, ho
Commentary shit, on top of the game
Leafy and Pyro, I leave them in shame
My bars so good, you feel on cocaine
All you ever wanted was drama and fame
I've always wanted something more,
listen to me and don't ignore
AutismAlert better than ever before
I just won, Keem, look up at the score

Keemstar (6x)
I got some rat poison,
can't come up to me bruh
He gon turn the story,
try to ruin my verse
Goddamn, I'm so fly I feel like Bashurverse
Keem you look like an elf,
you're a charcoal burner
Ruin a career? You need no consent,
just like Toby Turner
Oh wow, this one is just quite a fact
Keemstar, you raped the whole fucking internet

Milk YouTube drama dry,
you put it to the test
and when you close your eyes,
you dream of Nicole Arbour's breasts
make her be your girlfriend
and drive off with her in the dawn
but she knows you'll beat her
like you did to your last one
wife beater, ranting on twitter
use code KEEM, oh, you're a cash receiver
I'm on my grind, I get your Gamma cap
and throw it to the river
Good thing that rats can swim,
go get that money Keemer
I just hopped in my Bugatti
but my net worth 0
Cuz I ain't got my shit in dollars
I got that Russian shit, yo
I get that clickbait money
and somehow I'm still alive
It makes you really mad I know
but don't say "Ok, bye"

I'm coming back
packing a MAC in my fucking backpack
In the video of the fight at the MLG
Columbus I can see your asscrack
You've been exposed by everyone,
there's no going back
And you still tryna fucking act? Huh?
And you still tryna fucking act?

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