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Click To Bait - text

I learned my game from all the best,
so you can never check me
Click to bait,
my all-caps title is in your suggested
Click to bait,
just check out all these bare views I'm getting
Click to bait like Leafy did it in '16, 17', woah
I see them say that I'm the biggest cancer
I guess they just don't see the shit people be making
I might annoy you with that youtube recommendation
Your comments are so dumb,
boy get some punctuation
I made a video a while ago about this kid
who faked his own fucking death during youtube stream
9k dislikes, going up, and guess what I get?
A thousand comments saying I'm doing clickbait shit
This one is for all the dumbfucks
who can't bother to watch the vid
for longer than one second, and another
Another idiot will say I'm baiting,
but when I see your shit I'm not even hesitating
I swear to god y'all pissing me off with the hypocrisy
Some people can clickbait so much and get away with it
And I'm just sitting here with this one hated vid
well thank you for that youtube revenue, bitch, huh
Im on the bottomˇof youtube food chain,
still earning more than you at the age of 18
I got my subs behind my back
and I'm not scared of anything
I can not give 2 fucks about you complaining
You say that I copy Leafy?
Well I'm just doing my thing
He found the algorithm,
I'm not here to bitch and complain
But I see your type and spot you in the comments right away
With your emojis and kys, if I was you I'd be ashamed
I swear to god your copying accusations are retarded,
you'd prolly say that Luther King was copy of Ghandi
You are the type of dude to say that Lenin copied Marx
Get outta here, cunt, go back to your youtube gods
I'm not the one to be the role model here, for sure,
but don't act surprised when I come knocking on your door
I'll shove this mixtape in your face and tell you "read this!"
Yeah I come door to door like I'm Jehova's Witness
But I ain't no boyscout, there's no time left to waste
Ain't got no cookies in my backpack, got a fucking blade
I'll break inside and hold you at a gunpoint forever
Till you accept NFKRZ as your god and savior
I guess I'm getting corny here, but hear my message
Unlike you pricks I can write a proper fucking sentence
All of your shitty arguments are gone right now
How does it feel to get destroyed by a foreigner? Huh?
Got vids in the making, going click to bait
There's nothing that I'm faking, going click to bait
You cunts should stop deciding on my own fate
Til' the end of times, I'm making that clickbait

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