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Turn The Music Up - text


Red bull in my hands
Feels like I got wings
Lot of people in my face
But I can't hear a thing
It's like my head's up in the clouds
Head's up in the clouds
And I ain't comin' down, no
Just turn the music on
Just let me get lost
I swear that I'm a lose it if somebody turns it off
What are you out your mind?
You must be out your mind

Just turn the music up
Turn the music up

Snapback on my head
I'm so motivated
Nike's on my feet
Understand the situation
This is not a game
This is not a game
You ain't goin' bring me down, no
Yeah, I mean what I say
And I say what I mean
You best wipe off that hater look before you make me scream
What are you out your mind?
You must be out your mind

Just turn the music
Turn the music up

I get the adrenaline
Rhyme like I'm a veteran
Fine I been ahead of the game
No way I'm settlin'
Drained but I'm a get it in
Lame this is a medicine
Hey, you get the medic kit
Beats 'cause I don't let 'em live
Fast better keep peddlin'

Blast you with the pen again
Laugh, but I'm ahead of them
Act, like I don't get it then
That is when I enter in rap
Until I never can cash it is
Irrelevant passion is the element
Laps around these other men
Pass 'em who you runnin' with
Facts is what I'm comin' with
Back, but I ain't never left
Snap and I will never get
Wack you better get a grip
Last isn't a medal it's
Glass and I'm a shatter it
Who do you think you battlin'?
Who do you think you're laughin' at?
I am not a comedian
Man it don't even matter
If you don't know what I'm sayin'
You better do what the chorus says
You don't know what the chorus is

Turn the music up
You must be out your mind

Turn the music
Turn the music

You must be out your mind
You must be out

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