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Invisible - text, překlad


I don't know
I guess I feel like, when I'm around you, that I'm invisible
It's like, you don't even see me, and I'm standing right in front of you

I feel invisible, I know this wasn't easy
I'm standing right in front of you, but you don't even see me
I pass you in the hallway, but you don't even glance so
I just kinda walk by like I ain't never passed you
I do my best to pretend that I don't notice you
'Cause you don't ever notice me, so what am I supposed to do?
What? I gotta yell it in order for you to see it?
I got it written on my face; it's pretty easy to read it
But you choose not to, so that's what I'm a have to do
My heart is getting tired, I'm tired of running after you
I try to talk, but you just keep ignoring me
Pretending that you listen, you don't listen, you're destroying me
See I look up to you, but you keep looking down on me
You never say you love me or you care or that you're proud of me
In other words, you're drowning me, I get on my knees and I pray
Pretty pathetic, but you make it pretty easy to say

I swear, I must be invisible, 'cause you never see me, anymore
And I swear, I must look miserable, 'cause you never hold me, anymore

You like a nightmare, every time I'm dreaming
The longest conversation that we had is when we're screaming
And what you say? You say there is nothing else to talk about
Before I even say a word, it's like you're already walking out
You making promises, but you ain't never keep 'em
And then look at me stupid when I say I don't believe them
Yeah, that's why I don't believe you, and how do you expect me to
You don't show respect to me, but I should show respect to you?!
Gosh, you're such a hypocrite, I doubt that you're listening
Things have got so bad, you don't even pretend you're interested
And every time we hug, which isn't very often
The thing I used to love has now become something that's awkward
You put that smile up on your face, but I can tell you're faking
You look me in the eyes and you tell me I'm amazing
But all you're words are wasted, 'cause
I swear that you make it up
And I'm so sick of chasing love, I guess my pace is waking up

I swear, I must be invisible, 'cause you never see me, anymore
And I swear, I must look miserable, 'cause you never hold me, anymore

I'm full grown now, moved out now, I thought it was best
The sad thing is, I doubt you even noticed I left
I quit calling 'cause you ain't never answer the phone
And last time we talked, I told you, "Leave me alone!"
I'm supposed to open my arms and hold you now?
Hold you?! Wow. You ain't never held me. How
Do you expect a kid that you never raised in a rut [?]
To break the walls down and make you a part of my life
But hold up, Here comes a call from the hospital
They told me I should come and see you if it's possible
I got my shoes to go, I through my pride on the floor
I saw a real smile on you when I walked in the door
The doc told me, you ain't got more than a day
I just got you and this cancer gon' take you away
You say you love me and you see me, everything's ok
For some reason I no longer feel the urge to say

I swear, I must be invisible, 'cause you never see me, anymore
And I swear, I must look miserable, 'cause you never hold me, anymore

Text přidala MystWarior

Text opravila xxx_user

Video přidal CitronxD

Myslím, že se v tvé blízkosti cítím neviditelný
Je to jako kdyby jsi mě ani neviděla, přitom stojím přímo před tebou

Cítím se neviditelný, vím, není to lehké
Stojím přímo před tebou,
ale ani mě nevidíš
Potkávám tě na chodbě, ale ty mě přehlížíš, takže
A tak se jen tak procházím jako, kdybych tě neznal
Dělám to nejlepší pro to, abych si tě nevšímal
Ty sis mě nevšímala, tak proč to dělám já?

Překlad přidala MystWarior

Překlad opravila xxx_user

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