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Grindin' (feat. Marty) - text


Oh yeah, oh yeah
Just let me work, just let me work
Out here grindin'
Yeah, I'm out here grindin'
I told 'em, I'm out here grindin'
I'm out here grindin', hey hey

You ain't never heard nothin' like this, let me work, show me where the mic is
I'm on stage, black shirt, and my Tims, you know how I do it, I ain't playin' with you
I’ve been grindin', anybody tryin' to sleep on me
Better do somethin' with your eyelids, I hear a lot of whinin', but I don’t hear a lot of rhymin', woo
Everybody got opinions, let it go into my ear and then I block that
Put me on stage, I'mma rock that, sayin' you the best? Stop that. Phoney, I am not that, yeah
What are y'all doin' out here? What are y'all doin' out here?
Maybe you should spend a little less time with the women on your arms and a little bit more with your career
I ain't saying I'm the best but I should be in the top 10, give me a list of names, I'mma top them
I'm just playing with ya, I don't care where the top is
Leave me at the bottom, let me work for it, you ain't never gonna find another rapper in the game
And tell me that he works more, tell me that he works more
You might see me with my hoody up, I ain't leaving 'til I finish
This industry ain't nothing but a box, but I ain't gon' climb in it
You put me inside a room full of rappers, come back in 5 minutes
I'mma be the only one still alive, with a note on my chest saying that, "I did it"
You do it for fame, we way different
Y'all are looking weak, we ain't cooking in the same kitchen
Everybody got a shirt with a stain in it
Some of us'll never wear it out though, let me get it
I guess that I don't understand
This wasn't part of my plan
Some of these people thinking cause they heard the name
That they really know who I am
Bring the beat down
I got no time for these Hollywood people
I'd rather give time to my fans
You'd rather chill with these women that like you for money
But I'd rather chill with my fam, yeah
I'm out here grinding
I'm out here grinding
Yeah I see the mic but you looking like a pilot
What's the point of a plane if you don't know how to fly it?

I'm out here grinding, okay okay okay
I'm out here grinding, okay okay okay
I'm out here grinding, okay okay okay
I'm out here grinding, all we do is work, all we do is work

Rise of the underdog, I don't like none of y'all
I'm not like one of y'all
I'm from the jungle, I run with the son of God
Yeah, what is you running for?
They should be running from me
Most of my family, we don't even speak
I'm getting married in 22 weeks
And they still haven't said "Hi" or wanted to meet, huh?
I'm not the type to complain
If we don't get it, we try it again
And I'd die for the gang, misfit my blood
They don't like us and we question they moms like
"Why did - why did you allow your kid to like bad music?"
Promise I do it
I'm tryna give You my everything
I don't care what they are doing
I'm tryna do what they couldn't do
Laugh at the rappers you look up to
Don't waste time with the centrefolds
I'm alive, it's a miracle, freestylin since middle school
I will battle the principal, we on plot like a funeral, I'm doing me, I don't live for you

I'm out here grinding, okay okay okay
I'm out here grinding, okay okay okay
I'm out here grinding, okay okay okay
I'm out here grinding, all we do is work, all we do is work

I'm out here, I'm out here grinding
All I, all I, all I do is work
All I, all I, all I do is grinding

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