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A contrary wormhole to a pitch-black side
Dissociative and falling into dependance

At the helm of God's dystopian kingdom
Modern man stands in awe of tomorrow's death
Son of sin with not a vague memory of virtue
His conscious is burning in division

(Outside there is nothing - Just as inside)

This war has breached the core of man
My sprit is (the) resistance levitating
Chao! In the hemispheres - Survive the blast
I feel the Tremor now!

Subvert - The ghost of silent as the priest is dead
Fallout - The pillars & reason tremble in the eye of...

Space observing the Earth collapse
Echoes! How they haunt the ruins of the city (as it)
Serenades the last contact - Tyranny! Erase

(This war has breached the core of man -
My spirit is the resistance. Levitating)

Birth of the silicon meridian!
Synapse (and) proceed! The blood transforms to hydrogen

I feel the Tremor now!

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