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Convey :: In position
Disregard a part of you
Comply and segregated
Evolve one last time
Die. Re-code the life in you
But would they ascertain it?

Control :: Breach the psyche!
Warfare intravenously
Weapons are masquerading

: The enterprise is a success :

Resist and take it back!
The future is an ancient time
Ascend and manifest it!
Digress :: Horizon!
A multi-verse resides the one
In black-hole meditation!

Inside one - Infinite
Rebirth :: God like spawn!
To resonate the plains of space!
My soul is liberating kaos!
Retract :: Sub conscious
The solar Nexus! God and son
Godhead and...

Inside one - Infinite.
Connect with essence
Inside one - Infinite
A crown of planets

Ain Soph Aur -
A mind shining on fire

My legions will embrace
As they ascend from hell
Solar :: Sun disk of Maya!
As I descend the enterprise
Into the voids in space
Immersed in light ::
A post-mumanoid counter-species!

And so the gods depart from banking
One hundred thousand points of light
They shine - Total pitch-black
Dawn of the hybrid star

Our time arrives. Feel it breathe.
Illuminate the core
It's tearing back to a side of
You that's so unrecognised
Primordial supersonic voice

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