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Represent Me - text


(feat. Naughty by Nature)

Yo, they don't know how Next is gonna come
Divine style in 9-7 ya'll
So get ready, check it out
One time
One time, ah ah ah for your mind
Yeah, check this out

Listen baby
Girl what were you thinking
When you ran down on me
Tryin' to blow the spot
For all of your girls to see
All up in this place
With your hands in my face
What's that all about
Can we talk it out babe

I gotta let you know how it is
And where I'm coming from
So you can see where we're at
I'll never disrupt your flow
Even when you're hanging with your little old friends
And that's a fact
Baby, come on lets get it right
We been together too long and I don't wanna fight
So take a sip on this style
Baby, be strong cuz I know you didn't mean it

[1]- I don't really mind
When you're hanging
With your girlfriends
Because you represent me
And I don't really mind when you're dancing
On the dance floor with another
Because I know I'm represented


See there's no need for me to be
Having feelings of insecurity
Tell me what the drama mean
I thought that you were down on my team
When you and your crew go on the town
I know how your girlfriends be getting down
See there's no need for me to worry
Cuz I know you're down for me
You're everything that I need baby

If you don't know me by now
I doubt that you will ever know
About my flow
I gotta get my point across to ya somehow
And make sure we have an understanding
All I wanna do is make you happy
So put down your guns and won't you let me
Be the one at night you're coming home to
You're everything I want, you're everything I need

[Repeat 1]

It's alright if ya wanna go kickin'
You're all mine and I know you're represented
It's alright
It's alright if ya wanna go kickin'
You're all mine and I know you're represented
It's alright

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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