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Rhythm Of The World - text

Read it in the paper,
See it on the news,
An everyday reminder of
The times we're going through.
Brother fighting brother,
Faces filled with hate,
From Africa to Bosnia,
From New York to LA.

The rhythm of the hands of time
Are beating out of sound.
Like an orchestra in motion,
Creation's calling out.

That's the rhythm of the world,
Moving us closer to the day of his return.
That's the rhythm of the world.
It gets stronger every time this big ball turns.
Every day we're closer than before.
That's the rhythm of the world.

Our lives are sinning faster
Than we ever though they could
And we see more hurting people
Than we ever dreamed we would,
Oh, but don't let your heart be troubled.
All this sorrow must take place.
They're warning signs from heaven
Telling us he on his way.


Every day that passes,
Every rising sun
Is pounding out a sound
That's like the beating of a drum.
In the afternoon,
Time keeps ticking by,
'Till finally one day we'll see him
Coming in the sky.

(Chorus 2x)

That's the rhythm of the world. (2x)

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