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The Truth About The Moon - text

Moon. A natural satellite of the Earth.

Latin name Luna
Hundreds of thousands of miles away from here
no signs of water or life or atmosphere
this is the truth about the moon
the facts are black and white
and yet I couldn’t think of one
while watching it tonight

I saw the words all fly away
so fast so far
till every letter every number
that’s burned into a star

and was the moon especially bright
I really can’t recall
and this was the first time
the facts of the matter
didn’t matter at all

shall I try
to deny
all I know from moments that’s gone

let my heart
let me be
someone different from me
from now on


I learned the truth about the moon
the facts I learned are right
I only wish it made me feel
like the lies I learned tonight

Sarah Jacobs:
lies from that dreamer that dime-novel cowboy
that believes in that fantasy
called Santa Fe

given name: Jack
someone who seems to get by with a smile

having no substance
it compensates with style

this is the truth about the boy
there’s nothing more to say
though when I looked into his eyes
I could not look away
and if I first thought
he’s who he claimed he was
it’s just because that kind of boy
must be good at what he does

and then as gentle as a breath his hand was touching mine
and then I discovered a feeling I somehow could not find

fly away
Santa Fe
you’re the seed
of a dream not a plan
love leads me
still it seems
like the dream of a boy not a man

Sarah Jacobs:

many tears down here in my cocoon
where i’m protected by my facts
like the truth about the moon

Moon. A natural satellite of the Earth, the same size no matter where you are.

Latin name Luna
lovely name

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