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Let’s hit rewind
Go back to when I was out of my head
Before the sinking I’ll redefine the ways that I look
Look at myself see potential defining
I will not wait for the skies to fall
Wait for the statues to cry
I will not wait just to lose it all I’m dying to outlive the lies
Tensions are rising
How much can I take?
Tensing my muscles afraid I will break
The damage is done
I’m left with a choice
Live with the pain or live without no voice I’m lifted
Mixed up my words
Lost in a wasteland trying to learn
While swimming in quicksand, choking on smoke of a burned paradise
Drunk on the promises disguised as wine
I will not wait for the seas to rise
Wait for the mountains to fall
I will not wait for the music to stop
I’m dying to outlive goodbyes
I will not wait for the stars to die
I will not wait for the desert sun in a cold place
I will not wait for your answer
No, I don’t need no reason, I don’t need no reason for why

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