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Today Is A Good Day - text


This storm is beautiful
It breaks the breakable
It blows unstoppable
They had claimed victory
They look so stupid now
It's ashes in their mouths

There are new soft people
For the new soft winters
But they cannot touch us
I was taught not to cry
I do not need to cry
I can hold myself inside

So today is a good day
Today is a good day

We love to dress to kill
They gave us uniforms
They say they suit us well
But these rules are not agreed
They're only sophistry
They don't apply to me

So today is a good day
Today is a good day

And the birds of prey love September
Flying like the harbingers of the winter
Swooping down through the azure perfect sky

We're drifting weightless
(We push our trolleys down)
Through the aisles of the Superstore
Like a couple of Stepford Wives
This joke is on us all
We all are laughable
We became what we despise

So today is a good day
Today is a good day

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Today Is A Good Day

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