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We sang aloud into empty space – get ready 'cos here we come
Passing trucks lighting up your face – get ready 'cos here we come
Through a night of a billion stars and hot coffee and the past receding
And now the road snakes through the fields of mist and the dawn is slowly breaking

Sunrise – will you remember the golden fire?

Everybody has a favourite road – National 7 into the great wide open
It joins up all the points in time, the great loves and the lost and broken
We watched the fireworks bloom across the sky, high above the crowds all cheering
We lay awake until the town grew quiet, just holding breath and waiting for

Sunrise – will you remember, breaking East of Eden

Sometimes the world works out the way you want it
Sometimes you say the things that you meant to say
Sometimes the moments break clear and certain
Sometimes the things you fear just roll away

So back here with my favourite song – get ready 'cos here we come
Straight ahead into the beautiful dawn – get ready 'cos here it comes

Sunrise – will you remember – I will, I will...

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