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Break a mirror and ignore all my features
The fate I’m facing. See what I could do without safety
Make my palms bleed, do all asked of me
With my hand over my heart

Made a pledge to never grow up a bitter dinosaur
Never make mistakes that I made before
Never feel entitled
I just want to know I’ve contributed

I wanna live selfless
Instead of just floating by
Living every day like its my last
I can catch up on my sleep when I die
Aren’t you sick of being selfish
I wanna show that I try
Living every day like it’s my last
I can catch up on my sleep when I die

Anxiety is a crippler, nothing meaner
Than loaded eyes
Followed by a smirk and a whisper
As I pass you by, but I’ll let it fly
Cause my hand is sewn to my heart

If I’m not making any sense
Then you’re not at fault
You just haven’t yet felt emptiness
Like the taste of a flat soda
Thought it would be so sweet
You got all you dreamed but still feel incomplete
No I’m not gonna settle anymore
No I’m not gonna hold my tongue
If you haven’t made enemies
Then you never stood for anything
You’re just dust in the breeze
I’m just the dust in the breeze but I want to be a hurricane

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