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I Want to Believe - text


Feels like I'm panicking, exploding in my head
I think it's time I gave it some attention
Silhouettes back at your expense
Forgetting all the soul in their expressions

Let's face it, you're a business man
Who has a way with his words

Put your money where your mouth is
Give me something that I can sing
It's in your eyes: you're lacking honesty
You traded in your heart and emotion
You barely break it open
I wanna believe but believing is not for me
So put your money where your mouth is

It's a revolving door, you're always wanting more
But there's no room for truth in their intentions

It should be something more
Than bright lights and crowds for you
Something more, something that I hold true
Don't break me until you finally have direction

Text přidala Eva01

Video přidala Eva01

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