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The risk of the horizon
is worth the aging of the mind
Go and make your own.....WAY!!!
Slowly moving sands of time
Sheltered by the wings of Infinity
Soldier of his own master plan
Drifting endless, broken dreams
Diving in the sea of eternity
Soaring through the winds of the Sky
A promised dream; eternal nights
His shadow's scream; they scream of future times
A tortured soul by candlelight
Story told; told of atomic fire
The God of old is on my side
To tell the future of all mankind
My life's price set on this date
To save us from this prophet's fate
Written, journals of his dreams
Binded by the hands of infinity
Victim of this eternal life
A promised dream; eternal nights
Shadows scream; a scream of future times
Eternal soul, eternal lights
Will make its stand; stand the Immortal fight

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