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Ticking away the minutes build to make the seansons
Another day has come and gone without a reason
Why does time betray
The years leave you?
Behind you lies a path once tread
I had a life that you once knew
The moments pass and you?ll regret
The sun will set and you?ll forget the?
Millions of tears that you cried
The death that we all must die
Time mystery eternal
Give me a little peace of mind
Darkness and dawn the morning brings a new tomorrow
Came and now gone the yesterdays are picture in your?
Mind all gone away
Forever each and every day
Ticking away the moments dissolving slowly
Ever some day symptoms of time
Fight though me may the clock keeps on ticking
Never some day time marches on
Dying away the minutes store away the seasons
Time has betrayed the years have gone and left you all?
Behind time after time
Forever symptoms of time
Time mystery eternal give me a little peace of mind
Time mystery eternal truth you?ll never find
Time mystery eternal give a little peace of mind

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