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Wakemeup! (Club Edit) - text


Don't wake me up...

I feel a pressure; a certain kind of need
I feel aggression every time I bleed
I am not like you and you are not like me
You figured out what's good, but what is bad for me?

Recently I chose not to say a word
Everything I sense is going to be absurd
I never felt so strong; I never felt so high
I guess this has to be the feeling when I die

Just remember what I said
Don't wake me up when I am dead
Just remember what I said
(Don't wake me up, don't wake me up)

I can feel it's getting silent, but cannot say what I believe
If you are here and I am out there, the silence is all that I receive

Can I be with you, and can you be with me?
If all that we might have we cannot hardly see
I never felt so strong, and never been so grabbed
I guess this has to be the feeling when I'm dead

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