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Recognize this as your own nature
Abandon the fear
Abandon the terror you project
Let your mind rest beyond flesh and bone
Look from a place of understanding, your mind is a conduit
Your mind is as vast as the universe
Rest in this
In the clear light of existence
This light is divine

unsure and screaming
i turn and face the sun
burning with a beautiful rage

turn away
weave and spin
in the fields of time i've lain to crawl the inner plane
weave and spin
awakened crystal pain through and down by a
sent down low scar my soul
wall, it comes in waves free and invisible
break this peace seal the blow
mother crawled away to see the star

this is where i've come to bear
feel the calm and flow and the procession
witness to my fate anew
bodies fall away, spirits burn
trapped inside i abide this ordeal
drawn in and praying in waste, sent out and smashing down
i endure this place and this pain
distant sounds pass by etching this tunnel
i go on, i go on

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Sovereign (EP)

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