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Yours Sincerely - text



Sometimes I tend to forget / Just how lucky that I am /
To have a family whereby I got my mum and dad / And a
sister who likes to / Test my patience when she can /
But time will educate her / So proud of you, I am / But
It aint all been clear sailing / I've hurt someone on
the way / I hope she knows my flame burns on / I hope
that you're ok / Life has taught me lessons / To let
people know you care you, see / I may not even know you
but / In advance, thank you from me


To my friends that got my back / The teachers kept me
on track / All the fans that played this track / Thank
you from me


I want to tell my sis I love you, even though we don't
get on all the time / As your little brother I
apologise / For neglecting the respect you deserve / My
pride for you could never be described in words /
Secondly I send props to my mums and pops / Who's love
defied culture & the norm called pop / Sticking
together through the money scares & the funny stares /
The most eclectic pair that did ever share this earth /
2 unique characters merged forever by my birth / And I
appreciate all your hard toil & work / And to my wife,
the crowning jewel of my life / Each year you shine
brighter I give thanks to Christ / To be blessed by
such a women who has seen so much / Yet stands upon the
word as the seed we clutch / My son & daughter you are
the hope I breathe

Repeat Chorus


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