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Sacrifice - text


Tokyo girls goin outta control
Auckland city central, Nesian shortie's like whoa
Mr. Wise with the Freshboyz, everybody knows
It's about to go down, haji meru kono show!

[Verse 1: Awa]
Trust me
Then just follow my lead (I'll follow you)
Stay close, and let me know
Are you ready? (Me haere taua)

[Chorus: Awa]
So give it to me
Sacrifice your insecurities
So give it to me

[Chorus: Oldwun]
We gon' blow the place, blow the place, blow this place up [x2]
I said in about a minute we gon' blow this place up

It's gettin hot in here [x4]
It's gettin hot hot, it's gettin hot hot
It's gettin hot in here, it's gettin hot, hot, hot, hot

[Verse 2: Sabre]
Grew up the boy wonder superman
Mr. Skywalker mic in hand
Risk no but danger maybe
Rest assure I do it on a daily
Stealth mode on the cut like smooth
Synchronize times for that rendezvous
Make sure the coast clear keeps your ear to the ground
Cause it's about to go down

[Verse 2: Mr Wise]

[Bridge: Junz]
Somebody ring the alarm, evacuate the floor,
Because, In about a minute we give the party people what they waiting for. [x2]


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