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Robbin' Hood - text



Rags to riches / Star to addict / Ya'll know how the
story goes / Around every corner and playground /
There's someone that who could have had it all / But
for one reason or another/ Their path went somewhere /
Other than a world calling their name / From A grade
student/ To Class A users / What's happening with our
kids today?/ Poisoned by our own / Can't sleep anymore
/ Sister's work on corners / Brothers keep on brawling'
/ So just tell me how the story ends / The question is
where did it all begin


Robin hood heroes / Just a page in a fairytale
lifestyle of the ghetto / They robin' hood heroes /
Goes on and on, Goes on and on


They deal to the rich / Give to the poor / Only metres
from my door / Turning street legends to urban myth /
From Rucker park all the way to Grey Lynn / From what
could of to never been/ Be the words in the song you
sing / Not with trumpets instead with violins / While
you dance by yourself / So hooked / You can't see you
need help / So cooked / So its back to the bro you go /
It hurts, cause you could have had it all

Repeat Chorus

Goes on and on, Goes on and on

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