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R.s.v.p - text


I can't stand to see
You not leave with me
Sophisticated native
What's it gonna be

If you would like
Someone to treat you right
Just invite me
Cause I don't mind
If it's only for one night
You excite me

Miss madam moselle can I compell you
To tell me the cell digits, even better
Can I get a squiz at between where u hips at
Word is barry bonds, that's how long I'll hit that
Sit back heres a drink, sip that
Don't skull it and vomit on my louis vutton wallet
Yeah it's fake hey, I'm ballin on a budget
And u fallin for it like it's warren buffet
I love it, how ya dress and shoes match
Let's move to the back and remove all that
Ya all that, can't u tell I feel ya
That's why I'm on the chase like lemon to tequilla
I'm a thriller, like mike pre white skin
A PYT, you remind of like when
Nesian and PNC on the track
You a hit baby girl, the greatest infact

In the words of 3000 "Sophisti-funk Aristocrat"
Man sharpen up your act
For such a lady comes along once in a blue moon
And when you do I'm over the moon
Don't mean to sing blues talking all that Jazz
Straight up I like the fact you don't need to brag
Or blow your own horn like pulling a louie
You know pulling my Arm strong
Isn't scared to let the curls loose
Sweet coconut perfume with a smile that consumes the room

Infectious how I develop an interest in what ever your interest are
Refreshing to find such a down to earth star
Knows where she's from & yet where we are
Proud to be that brown Nesian queen
Making me feel free to be me S to the A B

Baby girl gotta let u know,
You're just so beautiful
Ain't gotta be no video chick,
No you don't
From head to toe baby girl, you a hit

Like destiny child but around the way girl,
The best I've seen in awhile her booty to her smile
Somehow, She got me breaking all the rules,
Got me pulling out all the stops to get close to you [?],
She beats the rest she be the best ain't no contest,
From her booty to her chest, So if you don't mind tonight we'll just ride tonight, She say's fine and just smiles, I like it if your status ain't hood she ain't down, Others try to be her man, But she know I'm a around, Jeah!
Cause I'm in need of a souljah girl,
So won't cha girl,
Be my 1 and only girl,
Is it just me or you feeling what you see,
Soon as I step on the scene,
Looking so fresh so clean,
Baby don't mind me,
Mr J*U*N to the Z,
Cause you're more than just a women to me

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