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Make It Happen - text


It's Nesian baby
We got you saying
Sha mon

That's right
Sha mon

[Chorus: Awa]
We can make it happen
For tonight
We can make it happen
If you like

[Verse 1: Sabre]
Don't mind me slip in on the low key
And unlock dreams like I'm martin Luther king
Reserve my time only for the real
No trill Rick ross sorry but I'm the boss
Make it happen overnight so complain to Revlon
Bullet point my rhymes no need for Teflon
Word association memories plus good times
Fresh boyz Nesian yeah we set the mood dam right
Kind of crunk but still the beats bang
VIP yet still it's a hood thang
DJ Notiq hold it down on the 1 and 2's
So yes got requests I'll see what I can do
S A B can't leave the mic alone
If you want it to happen hold up I got just the song

[Verse 2: Oldwun]
I'm a take that, rewind it back
Make that Magic happen like I'm Penny in his throwback
Zo & Tiggalo on that soul track/ sippin on that Cognac
Got the club snappin like it's Kodak
Hocus Pocus now my focus changed
Now I'm all up in the spot tryna know her name
Let her know that I'm callin the plays, cause she know that her boy got Game
"What's up lady, where are you stayin? "
Get the bar to keep flowin Petrone, girl handling Shot's like she Al Capone
Next thing ya know we pullin upto her home,
I know she hungry cause she bite the pillow
Pull out her phone for that x-rated replay
She wanna be America's next Kim K

[Bridge x2: Awa]
Tell me what you want
I'll be your sugar daddy
Anything that you like
You have me

[Verse 3: Junz]
So have you gotta
Minute to talk, a minute to walk
Cause I ain't playing no games, yo I'm in it for sure
Give me your name and your number, baby I will call you
Let you bring your crew to the rendezvous
It's all good, where the boyz so hood in the city
Where the girls looking pretty, Let you know do-a-didi Oo
Say you wanna roll like PN whoa, baby we can go,
Yeah, Come on'
Pin stripes, that's right, pink n black on the rack,
Evisu Jeans be low in the back,
You looking so good, me my bad self,
I really no I shouldn't but I just can't help,
Sunrise, A day in the life of THE FRESH Boyz,
Sunset, Party all night with THE FRESH Boyz,
N.E.S to the I.A.N,
As soon as your ready we gon do it again.

[Chorus x2: out]

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