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Magazine Dreams - text


Magazine to bright lights
It's game on
On stage to night life
Focus my way

While others carry a burden, I dust off these shoulders
Enjoying the present gift of the moment
To hold with no time for doubt
Stole my thunder before but my time is now
Its game on....curtain call for destiny
Ain't leaving til you bring out the best in me
Conscious to not get blinded by the lights
Seen it all before, ain't at all a pretty sight
Everybody trying to shine brighter then the next man
Watch personalities morphing like their x-men
Its when the real pressures on that we thrive
Raised on hip hop its either sink or try
From centre stage or front page its all the same
Maintain the presence....heartfelt all the way
Because when you love what you do & say how you feel
Some how...some way real recognise real


Navigate the scene
Like a Porsche handles the street
Draw the paparazzi
Like sharks to the feed
Disregard the hate
Don't worry about what people say
I believe in me
If it's alright
I'll indulge a little
Selecta one time
For the royalties
I gotta get mine
Cause they don't look twice
(I gotsta have it)
And the women are fine
So I gotta look nice, but that's



I indulge in the moment, my time is now / I step back
for a minute to realise how / A regular kid, from a
regular hood / can go from regular things, to doin
better than good / Im talking Lights, Cameras, Action /
Glitz, Glamour, Reaction, Red Carpet treatment, 5 Star
satisfaction / You cant imagine the things that I've
seen, the places I've been, a witness to a Magazine

Us, Yeah we take it as it come's,
Search to reach the top like the raising sun, But like
What goes up must come down,
Divide life from dreams to stay grounded now,
I wasn't always on the bright side, Bright from street
Despite the street life I changed,
We on a better road to better things,
Who knows what better brings, My heart and soul
together sing, Let's go.....


Real recognize Real, hustle on the sell,
Corner type retail street kinda smart,
Where the brothers stay sharp on the details.

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