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Game Over - text


Playing it safe ain't in my nature so I could never
just ride the beat/ Coming with soul bringing that
flow...yeah it's got to be/ Counting the costs while
making these moves like monopoly/ On the beat Dmon
sends his apologises/ Call me Kamikaze Kasumi riding
beside me....yes/ The kid is blessed with a full tank
of consciousness/ A knack for rhythm slim division
between that koo koo clock precision/ A head of
competition while others only speak revision/

We've come too far to turn back,
Come so far you know that it's game over,
Ain't no extra credits here,
All you challengers beware, the warning said so if you
Step up, get put down, you know how,
Just like em dog's at the dog pound,
Try'na be top dog of my home town,
Yo it's on now.

So don't go no where,
This time, Nesian gone make you clap your hands,
Gone keep your hands up in the air

I said the Game is over, I thought I told you that / we
overloading epic flows over the dopest tracks / drop
the hopeless act, yeah I seen you kind before / you,
talkin' that talk I heard a thousand times before / I
said we still, running the game and / still got they
hands up, running that game plan / still do it for the
people in NZ & Japan / So you could say it aint over,
It where the game stands

Deliver a classic like I was inking these rhymes with a
quiver/ Drop more gems than holograms so counterfeits
shiver/ We've been patiently waiting our time yonder in
the wings/ Counting the number of weather weights
claiming to be kings/ Watching swans turn to goose and
ducks turn to geese/ Trying to raise the bread yet
rookies ain't even brought the yeast/ Never been a
scholar but got schooled to the game/ Redeem the music
for the maker so the patents is changed/


See im walking in silence,
Im walking but minus,
My thought's that be byes,
To many men of biters so,
Don't try to try it,
If you try this, then i might just,
Turn up the vibes the highest,
We've paid the highest prices,
No more to be repeated,
Whack performance completed,
Stages that we've competed,
Che's highest score undefeated, Yes
Some imitate it never duplicate it of course,
The way we size it up is by the sound of the applause.

Is there really a need to repeat it cos I cant give em
a reason / for Nesian to tease em, please em and leave
em / but that's just the way that it goes / so many
they came and they said that / they'll be in it right
up to the end and after descending that was the end and
aint never heard of or seen em again / aint no
pretendin', Nesian aint goin nowhere yo we here to stay
/ for years to come the streets will always remember
the name / So many they knockin it, no stopping it / we
continue on droppin hot for them, Nesian you know we
get it, get it poppin, poppin..


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