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From... Now! - text


[Chorus: Awa]
That's why from now on
I'm going to enjoy every day
Cause life is too short
So I'm gone get on with it if I may

[Verse 1: Sabre]
(For way to long I was blinded)
Wasn't in the mood for surprises
The mundane pays good I can't complain
Or can I cause some days good ain't enough Why am I
Driven but not sure of the destination
Side track on my journey always on vacation
Can't afford another lost day
Literally I have no time for regret to back pay
(For way to long I was tryin)
To hide in my 9 to 5
Between moments I catcher are second to think
Is this what my life was suppose to be
Overwhelmed I knuckle down and put my hand to the grind
Destiny is seems to be the theme of my life
So many questions I tend to forget
The answers in the doing sidelines for the dead

[Verse 2: Oldwun]
(For way to long I was blinded)
I didn't take the world for what it is
I ignored the bad, only saw the innocence
The ugliness unmasked itself somethin like a horror flick
It truely opened up my eyes, started seeing the deception and the orchastrated lies
I saw it for the first time, the world I grew to know was nothin more than a disguise
(For way to long I was tryin)
To understand what was happenin
I couldn't turn away, I had to start acceptin it
I pulled the blinds from my eyes, told myself that's how it is
And I grew wiser with time, been burnt by the best, learnt to read between the lines
One of the lessons in life, can't stand hidden agendas, that's why I speak my mind.

[Verse 3: Junz]
So let's go,
(For way to long I was blinded)
Yeah I got paint in my eyes dame
I got a spray can in my hand
I'm hitting up my mark where ever I am
I'm trying to be the man, have the same feeling like passing exams
Then came scandalous lies ever since I was only yay high
(For way to long I was tryin)
To be H.N.I.C, to make people recognize me
To have shorty calling out Gee
Never thought about L.I.F.E, but now I got my own family
Love what you do, Do what you love
It's not about me any more, It's all for my son.

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