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So don't you worry, about a thing / It's gone be all
right tonight
Joy comes in the morning, believe that it does / Today
will rise above what yesterday was / Knowing the best
is yet to come, that sees me through the day / Cause
the waves of emotion are deafened by your grace /
Trials & tribulations, flesh expectations / So consumed
I miss the point of my whole creation / There's so much
around the corner that I yet to see / And I know you
ain't seen the best of me / So I arise to my feet &
arrive to the beat / Proceed to illuminate what my eyes
don't see / Step outside my shoes where the sun don't
sleep / Belief is all I have & it's all I'll keep/
Adjust my state of mind so I can fit my dreams/ Could
the world ain't prepared for what we came to bring /
Seeking the next level in this game called life /
Already told you in the chorus
it will be alright.
Repeat Chorus
So let me grasp your attention for the left over time
like you grasping my hand knowing that its alright /
Have you placed under my arm inside the fire ignites so
even if I'm afar / I'll be the 1st on site / Coz I'm
vibing on this energy know its alright take it to
another level let our minds intertwine never knowing
what our interest's may proceed to find / But for now
I'll concentrate on being on the same line / So for
tonight let us raise our sights we stepping 1 after
another bright colours beat moving with lights / We
conversated I'm lucky to get a insight your personal
zone I think I see my invite / Let's slow it down aint
no need to rush, Take your time coz you mean so much /
Just want you to know to me you mean the world glad
I've had this opportunity to chill with you girl
Repeat Chorus
Lend me your ear for a minute now / put your soul at
ease / leave your dramas at the door aint no need to
beef / there's a place we can go, it aint gotta be
hostile / maybe hard to believe, but it aint impossible
/ close your eyes, feel the beat in you chest step /
side to side let your body do the rest yes / its' been
17 seconds recorded and set / we half way now 39
seconds left / keep stepping extend your arms now /
click your fingers and put your palms out / If your
eyes still closed you can open them now / we just
arrived at the place I was talking about / I see the
gleem in your eyes, can sense the excitement / the look
on your face as your grip starts to tighten / Ive done
what I came to do I've taken you there / Thank you for
the minute, 19 seconds to spare /
Repeat Chorus

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