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Common Sense - text


Do what you gotta do
Anything is possible

Anything is possible

Ain't nothing like the feeling of
Flying so high that you can go
In the blink of an eye, like superman
Got your crew saying bro that you the man
Put in work, beyond the average
Paid dues, got grades just the way it is
Balancing act mind, body and soul
Love to logic, like vocal to the flow
But nobody's knows
What you see
Cause what it ain't, ain't what it is
Common sense is what it is to me
Anything is possible

Do what you gotta do
Go to, where you gotta to go
So meet who you gotta meet
And know what you gotta know

Looked struggle right in his eyes
Told that bro I'm not waiting in his line
Blaze trails, run the risk, take the chance
Never mind them Kats on their ass
I'll keep running to glory
They'll be reading the stories
Against all odds he gone done it again
Like a Phoenix from fire
To a beat like kanye
Spitting hori-fied soul through wire
Don't you know it's
What I see,
But what it ain't, ain't what it is
Common sense is what it is to me
Anything is possible

Listening to your life story is like an eternal scratch break
Your dreams remain a token of thought never invested to day
Fatalist concept only got you roaming in non-sense
Once you cross the point of conscience
Waiting on your wave to ride, but never rocking the boat
Still a waiting the arrival of the antidote
Until then remain broke & stressed out
Request help but ain't willing to help yourself
Another victim of the commodity known as time
Unable to see past the present in to the sublime
They say "all work & no play makes for a dull day"
So I say "if you play you can wait for your dole day"
The dream is really only the first stage
You ain't even turn the first page of what yet awaits
You got to patient & put in work
You can't escape common sense cause it's always going to come first

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