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Come And Get It - text


Let the beat hypnotise em / we set the mood like
Horizon's / we gon' give em something they can vibe wit
/ keep em wet till the sun starts rising / we take it
back to the Prequel, get to the Feature, now we working
on a Sequel

Hot like fire
Burn up the floor
Take me higher
Than I've been before
It's so unfair
The games you play
But I don't care
Have it your way

Come and get it
If want some
Then come and get it
Go and get it, get it

Dame gurl looking beautiful, So suitable,
So beautiful,
Tell me now player what would you do,
When a FINE DIME gurl rolls up on you,
Don't be shy, don't be scared, We got all night,
I aint going nowhere,
She said \"Its just I'm new to this, you had like
Chris Brown at excuse me miss\".....

I come off slick & suave wit a twist of eloquence /
Dance floor flow wit that Nesian element / got time for
chicks who swear they celibate / take em back to the
room, what they swear don't matter kid / drawn to my
etiquette, make your move / flick you a txt message, we
makin major moves / play my cards right, yo I call ya
bluff / fiind yourself riding shotgun soon enough,


If you feel you got what it takes
Come on and get it
You won't regret it

Through the crowd I can hear our song
It's like the world pauses for a breathe then
I'm gone
Amongst the sea the heat wave hits Every body like
could it be (yes it is)
Intro got the queen bee's buzzing in the hive
Brothers all nod like yes that's the vibe
Beat kicks in arrive just in time
To assume my position on the front line
Take no notice of the M.I.A
Roll with the few cause the beat won't wait
And we got those signature moves
That some would describe as quote \"the go to\"
Bust it out but not to much
Cause sometimes less is more so just a touch
Of old school in my step
Taking me back like blue light disco tech


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