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I am riding in my car on the highway
Looking on the pilot light and it's not good there
Engine is burning like in hell need stop for minute
I found some place where to stop it looks nice comfy
When I got off from the car I heard some music
Left my car and I went there behind that trees
Started smelling smoke and some-thing alcoholic
I was afraid that I am in zone of neurotics
I was walking silently, But when I saw it, I just screamed :
This is amazing car party
This is gonna be a legendary
Music is playing so loud
And I am so drunk in crowd
I dunno how to say to you that I'm so full
Of Barbecues and mushrooms and some crunchy bull
After eating there are left some balls of wool
I must say one sentence that it was cool
Everybody say good bye and safe journey
After 10 or 20 bears you feel so free
You can't drive with too much al-cohol in your blood
Suddenly you closed your eyes and fall asleep

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