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You had thought you were the shining comet
leaving the light behind.
But now you know you are just ice and dust,
everyone turns back for who you are.
It had taken a time to find out that the shine which comes from inside
of you was fire from your fusing heart.
Now tell me, don't you know what it's like
to be the falling star?
I levitate all alone in the black hole,
sunlight never reaches my body.
It has fully devoured me,
I have to stay in the darkness.
In my head – landscapes in flames, forests on fire,
I can't find the place where everybody hides.
All the beauty burns right in front of my eyes.
All I wanted is out of control.
I forgot my habits, is it even me?
Why do I feel so hollow?
I don't see any light to follow.
Like a pill with all World's pain, hard to swallow.
I'm not even here, don't look at me,
I'm not desirable. You can tell.
You better tell, or don't pretend being my friend.
Or don't the fuck pretend being my friend.
Pull me away from this.
I need you to stay.
There are things that time will never change.
Pull me away from this.
I need you to stay.
Pull me away from this cold evil place
where I seem to belong.

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