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It's okay to be private, it's okay to cry, it's okay to hold back or hold things inside. It's okay to scream, to release them, to be seen, it's okay to be seen, it's okay to receive. It's okay to notice, to stop and to stare, cause the beauty it blinds you and holds you right there. It's okay to listen, one ear to the ground, one ear to the sky tree street or heart that you pound. It's okay to giggle a little to yourself, cause the Spirit, it tickles as it enters as sound… it's okay to sing it, in fact, it's encouraged – it don't matter how soft rough vivid or tender or out or in key, as long as you mean it, as long as you mean it, you're giving permission for others to sing it… and all things for that matter, go as deep as you feel it, the deeper you mean it, the more the stars can hear it. The deeper you mean it, the more healing can happen, the earth heart opens, connects to your own, beating song light swimming, flying in space, floating like grace, alone and together, and one, and yet Still, an instant, an impulse, individual, tone beat sound, sing itself, singin self… it's okay to pray, to be deep, to be light, to just breathe, it's okay to be exactly as you are…

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