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Farmed for energy, loosh commodity — humanity
Born in a black iron prison dreaming they’re all free.
Veils will fall away, end the cave wall shadow play — a world ablaze
Hyperspatial warfare, realm contamination,
Bifurcating future, quantum separation.

Destroy all illusions now
Find them strike them down
Strength in peace profound
For we shall prevail…prevail!

Program, pacify, coverup and classify — it’s all a lie.
Fight disinformation, in the name of truth unite.
Fake smiles from the sky, friend or foe identify — discern or die.
Aldeberan invaders, Grey robotic zetas,
Orionite crusaders, look at how they play us.

Reptilian imperium, non serviam. Ad victoriam!
(Reptilian order, I will not serve. To Victory!)

I can hear your heart now beating.
I can feel the fire in your soul.
I can see your arrows drawn and flaming (let ‘em fly).

Fire in the sky, raining down below,
Quickening the brave, who ride ‘cross the rainbow.
Ride into the Wave, ride with hearts aglow.
Know ye are as gods…you were long ago.

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