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Eleutheromaniac - text


We have arrived, we have arrived,
we have arrived motherluvaz
and we ain’t never going back!

Have you ever asked why
Why we bow to the preacher
Have you ever denied
You know more than the teacher
If you open you mind
Would the goddess come meet ya
Been through hell and survived
Now I’m ready to reach ya

That’s what we are
No way that we’re turning back
Lemme hear ya Say I, I’m livin my life
And I know what I’m doin is right
Yeah yeah
That’s what we are

Have you hid from your words
When you needed to bleed them
Have you followed the herds
when you know you could lead them
Lay my soul in a hearse
Reincarnate as freedom
Never been to school or the church
But I’m still a believer


Everywhere we go, we see the flowers grow
We Ate a lot of shit to get to where we wanna go
Now we’re Layin in the green grass, now we’re Layin in the green grass…


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