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Are There Any More Real Cowboys - text


N: Are there any more real cowboys
N: Left out in these hills
N: Will the fire hit the iron one more time
N: And will one more dusty pick-up
N: Come rolling down the road
N: With a load of feed before the sun gets high
N: Well, I hope that working cowboy never dies

W: Not the one that's snortin' cocaine
W: When the honky-tonk's all closed
W: But the one that prays for more rain, heaven knows
W: That the good feed brings the money
W: And the money buys the clothes
W: Not the diamond sequins shining on TV
W: But the kind the working cowboy really needs

Both: Are there any more country families
Both: Still working hand in hand
Both: Trying hard to stay together and make a stand
Both: While the rows and rows of houses
Both: Come creepin' up on the land
Both: Where the cattle graze and an old gray barn still stands
Both: Are there any more real cowboys in this land
Both: Are there any more real cowboys in this land

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