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Down Along The Bayou Country - text


It was down along the bayou country
Down around New Orleans
You took my hand, you said your my man
We'll have a good life you and me

It was down along the bayou country
Down in the Cajun land
Momma said: son, you know before you're done
You're gonna wind up with a gun in your hand

Then I heard that train whistle moanin'
It was rolling on down the line
I got thoughts to straighten out
Places to know about
I'll be home in no time

Then I hopped a train down in Lockport
I headed cross Hattiesburg
I think I knew then I wouldn't see you again
Goodbye was the last thing I heard

Then I met a man up in Greenville
He said he'd give me some real good advice
He said: you gotta get smart, I did
Here take this gun, and kid, remember to never look twice

Now living to me has meant heartache
Life was always something to use
As I look back again, I never could win
I guess I was put down here to lose

Now I'm alone and locked in Montgomery
You see I robbed a bank and shot a man
Their gonna hang me tomorrow
I wish I could borrow my life to live over again

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