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What's On Your Neighbors BBQ - text


Maybe its just me
Imagining things or being paranoid
But I haven't seen his family
For a long time not in a while
I always thought he was strange
Keeping to himself
And never socialize
But people they can change
When he borrowed my chainsaw
He was pretty nice

A thick smoke fills the air
I'm trying to look but I can't see
What is going on in there
It sure doesn't
Smell like pork or beef to me

What's on your neighbors BBQ...
A weird smell weird sounds is
Coming through to you...

Now it appears to me
I heard the horror story
A few years ago
This guy wiped out his family
He was never caught
And is still on the loose
Could the man next door be he
Should I call the cops
Or leave it alone
Oh my god he is looking at me
While cutting the wires
To my phone

Text přidal Scoth

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