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I had a mission I had a goal
wanted to get rid of this foul betraying soul
someone suggested to try a voodoo doll
but that ain't something you go get a the mall

No, I had to go for the real deal
something beyond crystal balls and coffee beans
I had to find a person with the right skill
I took the weekend off and went to New Orleans

I arrived I shopped around
ate too much Gumbo till I finally found
this scary little shop, creepy as hell
a voodoo-woman gnarly as fuck
sold me the spell

She told me to use it on a certain date
I was distracted by her dog lucy biting my jeans
the magic would backfire if I didn't wait
and I was on my way out of New Orleans

Graveyard dirt and a rusty nail
chicken feet and virgin blood
take the grease from a snail mix with Transylvanian mud
now spice it up with Spanish flies
to make sure he suffers
before he dies
add curse water by druids at Stonehenge
and I guarantee u sweet revenge

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