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The nauseating smell of waste
contaminated by the blood
dripping for the knife
of a hatchet man
a self-destructive (cruel) act
in the name of a god
that is used to justify a
holy battle plan

It's going down now
no hope for pow wow
you can't expel the devil from his dwell
there ain't no sanctuary safe enough
no shelter built strong and tough
to protect against this earthly hell

Out comes the batz
they're leaving their cave
soon they'll be outta sight
out comes the ratz
they are leaving the ship
swimming off into the night
out comes the vultures
fleeing human discommend
in this mayhem of dismay
there'll be no tomorrow
this is the end
and tomorrow, no today

A game of sick monopoly
polluted by the appetite
for cash and to control
a flock of sheep
an atrocious quest for peace
a certain route to genesis
It's hard to comprehend
the power of such a creep

so it went with a blast
no future no more past

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