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Saturday night, hanging out, at the local dive
What was meant to be 1 drink turned into 2... 3, 4, 5
Nothing much was going on, the place was pretty much dead
My buddy said "this joint suck, I'm going home to bed"
That's when I saw her, sitting in the bar
She was quite attractive, yet extremely bizarre
I told my friend "I'll stick around, for at least another shot"
I couldn't get my eyes off her, my god she was so friggen hot
I downed my jagger bomb and by then I could hardly stand
No wonder my bar-tap is close to a grand
I was trying to come up with the perfect pick up line
And to impress her I ordered the most expensive red wine
"Hey babe, what's up, are you single or do you have a guy?"
"Well at least tell me your name", still she didn't reply
I put my arm around her, she didn't resist or say no
That's when I knew the deal was sealed, oh boy she was ready to go
I kissed a ghoul and I liked it
I kinda liked the bitter taste of her rotten upper lip
I kissed a ghoul I won't deny it
I hope my girlfriend won't find out, I know she will trip
Sunday, Monday, happy days, Tuesday went by
I couldn't get her out of my head, I don't know why
I looked for her everywhere, I even searched the mall
Trying to track down my dead booty call
That's when my girlfriend, she was on to me
She was out of control, more deadly than a killer bee
I tried to calm her down, but she was mad as f***
Said she hoped I dropped dead, or got hit by a truck
I kiss a ghoul and I love it
No more girlfriend, she pushed me off a cliff
I make out with a ghoul, I won't deny it
Now I'm a happy corpse, dating a stiff

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