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B, for bad I'm obnoxious, as in, a sexist creep
E, for egomaniac, when I feel tired and I just want to sleep
A, for airhead
S, for sucker, you wish, you never had been born
T, stands for terrible, when I'm watching football or downloading porn

Blame god, he is the creator
leave me alone stop being such a drag,
play game stop being a hater
nag, nag, nag, nag

Please tell me why o why
you call me a beast when I'm just being a guy,
I'm doing the best I can,
yet you call me a beast when I'm just being a man

B, for Brat I'm pestiferous when I'm teasing and annoying as hell
E, for evil and malodorous, as a pig, when my feet smell,
A, for awful,
S, for sleezebag, when we don't agree
T, stands for tripping out,
just because I forgot our anniversary

B, for bully I'm tedious, I'm never romantic enough
E, for enamored and tenacious, and pretending to be o so tough
A, for asshole
S, for Slacker, when I forget it's my turn to clean,
T, stands for tosser, when I'm acting like a stupid teen

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